A Defective Species

This poem is about humans and their role in the earth’s environmental destruction.

we are nothing but suckers
sucking life in through our bodies
wherever our soles might be
sucking even after the breast is shriveled
& awful looking, but we persevere
a.i. (as if)
there is a reservoir of milk in the hollows
of her body, this rock, my world, but the hunger
comes like a pack of wild rabid dogs
   we gnaw with infant teeth, determined to
force our way into her, and drink! drink!
what is ours, what belongs to me, mine, mine, mine

b.t. (but then) some awaked themselves
& stopped chewing, but the blood stained
to their skin, their clothes, & the
woken children stood aside as the
hoard of wild beasts
made up brand new ways of gnawing, & there
was nothing I could do but watch
them eat themselves inside of her
& our cries, our screams,
any sound we made evaporated in
all the devilish chewing & the sad laughter
that came down on us like
flaming wild cats & stray dogs

& some climbed out of the abyss, &
went down to her feet
& washed them, &
collapsed on her feet to the ground
in apology, for not being able
to stop the billions of little monsters, gnawing away at her

& we tell her we’re sorry, &
we spread ourselves on the ground, in frightened reverence,
& we cry
our tears mean nothing
when her chest is torn apart, & gone, &
turned to shit.

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